KI-Discus Testing

BAS engineers have been fully trained & are certified to carry out KI Discus operator protection tests in line with BS EN12469. The KI-Discus test is required to be carried out to enable operator protection factors (and, where appropriate, product protection and cross contamination factors) to be measured for:

  • Class I and Class II open-fronted microbiological safety cabinets.
  • Special hybrid facilities such as carcinogen and radio-pharmaceutical cabinets.
  • General purpose laboratory fume cupboards.

The K I Discus test is required to be carried out on a 12 monthly routine basis to maintain acceptable performance.

A Full BAS comprehensive validation report will be compiled to provide a valuable record of performance for each safety cabinet within ten working days of each visit.

Tests are only reliable when carried out using the correct instruments which have calibration traceable to National Standards. All of our test equipment meets the latest standards and is calibrated by an external qualified calibration house or equipment manufacturer.

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