Healthcare Ventilation Verification (HTM-03-01)

In healthcare premises, standard and critical ventilation systems are used extensively in all types of facilities to provide a safe, hygienic and comfortable environment for all patients and staff.

Specialised ventilation must be provided in patient treatment areas to ensure compliance with quality assurance standards. These areas include:

  • Sterile Service Departments.
  • Isolation Rooms.
  • CL2/CL3 Labs.
  • Minor Procedure Wards.
  • Hospital Wards.
  • Pharmacies.
  • Critical Care Units.
  • Operating Theatres.

Our specialist engineers are all certified by the City & Guilds (HTM-03) and can provide all your testing requirements for both non-critical & critical environments.

Test we can perform:

  • HTM-03-01 AHU Inspection.
  • HTM-03-01 Suite Inspection.
  • Air Change rate Verification.
  • Room pressure differential verification.
  • Duct Traverse recording.
  • Light Levels.
  • Sound Levels.
  • DOP filter integrity testing (DOP+DPC method).
  • Area Non-Viable particle counts.

All of the testing performed will be documented in a detailed test report upon completion of the works in line with HTM-03-01 guidelines. BASCC only use state of the art testing equipment thus ensuring our clients receive the best possible service giving them confidence in the results found and documented.

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