About Balanced Air Specialists

BAS Cleanroom Commissioning LTD are an independent cleanroom and clean air device qualification provider for sectors such as the Pharmaceutical, Semi-Conductor, Aerospace and Healthcare.

We offer a National, European and Worldwide service and can validate your cleanroom facilities and localised clean air devices to confirm that your cleanroom or clean air device is operating in compliance with all the current regulatory cleanroom standards (ISO/BS/EN/NSF). This gives our clients not only the assurances required for their products being manufactured within the areas, but also for their operators using the clean air device equipment.

Our experienced and accredited CTCB-I/HTM-03 trained qualification engineers will use state-of-the-art calibrated testing equipment, then upon completion of testing all the test results will be recorded in an auditable written test report. This service can be provided for the initial build phase of the facility and then to ensure your cleanroom always meets the required industry standards we can also provide a periodic qualification service which can be tailored to suit each individual clients requirements.

BASCC have been part of some major projects in the recent years and have worked in collaboration with such companies as: